Friday, April 13, 2012

Genuine Irish Coffee

step 1: add whiskey to coffee
When I went home for the holidays in December I got stuck in the airport for about 7 hours (thanks a lot bad weather somewhere else!). Sitting across from me were two young men who were pretty obviously going home from college and hadn't been allowed to drink in public for very long. They were talking about getting an Irish coffee from the bar and were pretty certain that it was coffee with Baileys in it. I almost followed them to see their reaction when they got their whiskey laced drink.

I'm not a big whiskey fan, but a well made Irish coffee is delicious. That said, a poorly made Irish coffee is almost undrinkable (unless you really like whiskey). That's why you should make it yourself!

I was taught how to make these by one of my coworkers last week, and there is a little bit of skill involved.

Step 2 : Add brown sugar

Irish Coffee


1 cup of coffee
1 shot of Irish whiskey--you can put more or less depending on how potent you want it.
1 Tbsp brown sugar--once again, more or less but at least 1tsp
2-3tbsp cream
Step 3: Float the cream


Pour your hot coffee into the mug. Mix in the sugar and whiskey. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. You must add the sugar or the cream won't float... I don't know why this is but Cindy told me it was so and the omnipotent power of the internet has confirmed.

Using back of a large spoon, slowly float your cream on top of the coffee. Drink your coffee through the cream.
And Enjoy!

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