Sunday, December 13, 2015

Turkey Sausage and Kale Frozen Breakfast Burritos

So it's been about 18 months since my last post. I had made the decision when I started this blog that I was only going to do it as long as it was fun. The reality is that about 18 months ago I was in the middle of a fairly rough emotional time. I got to a point where I was pretty depressed and things that had made me happy weren't anymore and I just didn't feel like coming up with recipes, cooking, photographing, writing etc.

Then, as things got better, they also got busier and I just never managed to quite come back. Lately, I've been wanting to blog again. So I'm back baby! Oh, and I had a baby, S, who's about 7 months old now. And part of the reason I have this recipe to share!