Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Molasses Spice Popcorn

Is this not the scariest picture of popcorn? Lighting was weird...
I have a magic molasses spice cookie recipe. Everyone loves them, and no one more than me. Unfortunately they are time consuming, messy, and downright terrible for you (at least if you eat them in the quantities that I tend to...).

This weekend when I asked Nathan what he wanted for snack and he said cookies, they were immediately what came to mind. But I know I'll be eating a bunch of them at Christmas since everyone in my family makes them, so I didn't want to overdose now. After the idea of that beautiful medley of flavors was in my mind, I couldn't shake it. So I looked at the wonder that is the internet and found a number of delightful looking popcorn recipes. Popcorn is a good conveyer of things because in itself, it's mostly air.

Thus Molasses Spice Popcorn. It tastes vaguely like ginger bread and reminds me instantly of the holidays.