Sunday, January 31, 2016

Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower

This past August I hosted a bridal shower for my good friend Anne (who has since gotten married). Background! Anne was one of my first friends in Delaware. About thirty seconds after we met, we were doing shots of whisky (yuck). So yeah, friends forever. She was kind enough to host a baby shower for me. Her maid of honor lives in NYC so I offered to host the shower. My aunt and my mom had come to visit for the week prior and helped me to get the house ready which was amazing of them!

Emily (the MoH) and I had decided on a champagne brunch shower. I designed an invitation and matching labels for the food, favors, etc. Over the month ahead of the shower I collected a bunch of wine bottles to use as decoration. I did not drink all of the wine!  I used the hot towel method to remove the labels from the bottles and then spray painted them all gold.  My parents created a custom label sticker that I used on some of the bottles for a little extra touch.

I also made a photo banner of pictures of the couple to hang from the mantle. Guests really got a kick out of the pictures! I had them printed as squares and them mounted them with double sided tape on gold card stock (that I had leftover from making my own wedding invitations 5 years ago!).

For the food, I did a variety of brunch appropriate items with both savories and sweets. There were quiche (which I purchased from the cafe on property where I work), smoked salmon on crackers, cucumber hummus bites, fruit salad, and donut hole skewers. The MoH also ordered a cupcake cake shaped like a wedding dress!

Because it was brunch themed, we of course had a mimosa station. I also did bloody marys. All of the brides maids contributed champagne.

I had a little wine charm making station for favors (and for folks to use on their champagne flutes). I also used chalkboard paint on a (full) bottle of champagne and purchased a sharpie paint marker for everyone to write a message to the couple. As my gift to the bride, I got one of those candelabra wine bottle things so that (hopefully) they will keep the bottle after they drink it.