Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Trenchers with Sauce"

Remember how last week I promised a Renaissance themed snack in honor of my trip to the faire? Well, I made mini-pita pizzas, but we can call them trenchers with sauce because that makes them sound ye olden.

Pita pizzas are delicious, easy, and can be topped with the stuff from your fridge. I used this as an opportunity to clear out some pits and pieces that otherwise would have probably gotten shoved to a back corner, grown some color of mold, and then been thrown out in my next fridge cleaning purge. In fact, even the mini-pitas were on the verge of going extremely stale/moldy. But instead they were eaten! Huzzah (as they say at the faire).

the girl who took this was not excited...
Pita Pizzas/"Trenchers with Sauce"


Shredded Cheese (I bought one of those Italian blends... retrospectively I should have just stuck with the mozzarella going moldy in the cheese drawer...)
Sauce. Ok.... so I didn't feel like going to the real grocery store, so I bought Ragu from Walgreens. I'm not proud of it.
Mini-Pitas... or regular size pitas and then you could cut them in wedges like regular pizza
Olive oil

Toppings: bell pepper, pepperoni, onion, other types of cheese, pineapple, ham, mushroom, olives etc. you can use what you like and have on hand.


Split your pitas in half to make two circles. This can be done by inserting the tip of a serrated knife and cutting all the way around. Place your pitas with insides facing upwards on a baking sheet. Brush with a little olive oil. I also sprinkled some italian seasoning on them.

Place under a low broiler for about 2 minutes or until golden. Toasting is an important step if you don't want super soggy pita pizzas.

mmmm golden brown
Cut up all of your toppings into tiny pieces. If you've got pepperoni, quarter the slices, that sort of thing. If you have kids or picky guests, you can let them top their own pitas. I have Nathan, so I just did it myself.
toppings arranged
Top with a heaping tablespoon of sauce, some cheese, and desired toppings. I then added more cheese because it is delicious!

Place under medium broiler until cheese is melty, about 2 minutes (keep an eye on it)

Let cool briefly and serve.

Now I really enjoyed these, but Nathan likes them better when made on an English Muffin. He likes soft doughy pizza, and I like think crispy pizza. So use what you like and go from there. These were quick and easy and can be used as a meal or an appetizer depending on how many people eat.

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